Long Distance

One great way to stay connected to family and friends across the country is through frequent long distance calls. You can share stories, catch up on what’s new, and talk over life’s challenges. There’s something about hearing the sound of a familiar voice that’s simply irreplaceable.

Is the cost of your current long distance plan holding you back from placing calls more often? Then take a look at the affordable long distance option available from 24-7 Telcom & West Wisconsin Telcom

You can relax and enjoy leisurely conversations without worrying about the cost. We want to make it easier than ever to stay close to those you care about. You’ll be delighted at how much you could save.

International Calling

International Calls can be direct-dialed by dialing 011 plus the country code, plus the city code, plus the number. (i.e. 011 + 591 + 2 + Number).

To Make Direct Dial International Calls Dial:
International Calls

To Make Operator Assisted International Calls Dial:
International Calls

Calls to the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the West Indies are considered long distance, not international calls.

International Calling Rates

800 Numbers

West Wisconsin Telcom & 24-7 Telcom’s toll-free solutions allows you to be assigned an 800 number so you can be contacted toll-free. Plans for all customers include a per minute cost with no monthly fee.

Types of 800 numbers:

  • Standard 800 numbers
  • Personalized 800 numbers – A request for an 800 number that spells a word. (ex. 866-524-TV4U (8848)) Additional charges may apply.
  • Personalized 800 number with Personal Pin – Allows you to give a pre-selected pin number to the party(s) you wish to use your 800 number. When the party dials your 800 number, they will be prompted to enter a 4-digit pin. Once the pin number is entered the call will be connected.
  • Area Code Specific 800 numbers – Allows you to specify area codes which you will receive calls from using your 800 number.

800 Plans are perfect for:

  • Parents with college students
  • Families wishing to keep in touch with relatives in other states
  • Travelers who need a convenient way to call home from the road