Voice & Calling Features

Your Phone on Your Terms

See what you can do with 24-7 & WWT Voice.
Have peace of mind with a home phone and 911 tied to your address.


  • $23.50
    / mo

Voice Plus

  • $33.50
    / mo

Includes 500 minutes of Long Distance & up to 10 FREE Calling Features. You can choose from:

Voice Mail

Voice Mail from 24-7 & West Wisconsin Telcom:  

Simple Voice Mail

  • $4.95
    / mo

Additional Voice Mail Features


Smart Voice Mail

  • $6.95
    / mo

Additional Voice Mail Features

Custom Calling Features

Make the most of your voice service with these easy-to-use custom calling features.


Lifeline is a federal government benefit program that lowers the monthly cost for voice, internet or bundled services.

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