Let’s Connect – Housing Authority of the City of Menomonie

The Housing Authority of the City of Menomonie was formed in 1948, when Quonset barracks buildings were moved from the Badger Ordinance Plant in Baraboo, Wisconsin and became their first housing units. These 2-bedroom structures were used to provide family housing for returning veterans after World War II. Currently, they manage a total of 149 income-based housing units with an office staff of two and a maintenance staff of two.

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Celebrating Freedom

We are so grateful to the community of Rock Falls and all the volunteers who worked so hard to make this year’s July 4th celebration such a big success. Our employees and their families truly enjoy participating in this grand parade! It is a great honor to hand out over 1000 American flags to parade watchers.

Let’s Connect: Dunn County Crime Stoppers

Kari visits with Rebecca from the Dunn County Crime Stoppers about how technology has played a part in improving the Dunn County Crime Stoppers program.