Your Remote’s Learning Feature

Your West Wisconsin Telcom remote control includes a learning feature so you can add functions that are unique to your home entertainment devices (e.g. Setting on/off & volume on digital surround sound systems). However, there are some considerations.Your original remote controls must be in working order for learning to work properly.

  • Learned keys are mode-specific, so each one can store a unique function.
  • Certain device functions are not learnable.
  • For optimum learning, avoid high levels of ambient light such as natural sunlight or energy-efficient fluorescent lights.

NOTE: Please have your original remote control handy before programming learning.

NOTE: If more than 15 seconds pass between key presses, the remote exits programming.

  1. Press and hold SETUP until the last-selected mode key blinks twice, then press 9 7 5. NOTE: If the LED displays one long flash instead, either your batteries are low, or the remote control has a memory fault.
  2. Press a mode key once (i.e., VCR, DVD, AUD, TV) to assign a mode for learning.
  3. Press the desired key on the remote control once to store the feature to be learned.
  4. Place the remote control head-to-head (about 2″ apart) from your original remote control. Also locate the key (on your original remote control) that you want the remote control to learn.
  5. On the original remote, press and hold the key to be learned. The remote control’s LED will blink rapidly, then turn off. Continue holding the key on the original remote until the LED blinks twice. NOTE: If the LED displays one long blink, a learning error has occurred.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for another mode and/or key or press and hold SETUP until the active mode key LED blinks twice to exit programming.