Text to Speech

Text to Speech from the Wisconsin Telecommunications Relay System (WTRS) is a telecommunications service to enable people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech disabled to communicate by TTY (text telephone) with anyone who uses a standard phone through a WTRS Communications Assistants (CAs).

The CAs relay the hearing people’s exact words by typing them back to a TTY user. All CAs have been specially trained to help conversations flow with ease and accuracy.

All calls are handled with strictest confidentiality.

How do I connect to the relay?
Dial 7-1-1 from any phone in Wisconsin.

What is captioned telephone?
Captioned telephone or CapTel is a captioned telephone service similar to the closed captioning provided on most television programs. It allows the user to read captions on the phone’s built-in display screen.

For More Information: Call (800) 283-9877 (TTY) or (800) 395-9877 (Voice)

The State of Wisconsin guarantees all citizens access to services that will enable them to communicate by telephone.

How to use the Relay System

Wisconsin Telecommunications Relay System