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Connected Smart Home WiFi

With our Smart Home WiFi routers, now you can experience whole-home coverage in every corner of your home – and beyond.

Whether you are working from home, streaming videos, gaming or just sharing pictures we’ll keep you connected.

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It’s all about connection with Smart Home WiFi

Your WiFi router is the quarterback of your home’s Internet connection. It should easily pass your Internet signal to all the wireless devices in your home. However, with age sometimes routers can start to fumble a little, and have trouble completing passes to the different devices in your home field.

Let 24-7 & West Wisconsin Telcom step in with a booth review by adding Smart Home WiFi. Smart Home WiFi can help determine if something is causing interference, or if the router is out of position and just needs to be adjusted.

Smart Home WiFi is professionally installed by our expert technicians to ensure you have the strongest, most
consistent signal in EVERY room. It’s private and secure and works with everything from smart phones to smart home devices. Our technical staff is available 24x7x365 if you ever need help!

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