Smart Home Solutions

With Smart Home Monitoring, you can use any Internet connection to monitor your home through low-cost sensors and devices, view live surveillance video feed, manage your energy usage, and receive alarm alerts all from the palm of your hand using any smartphone or tablet.

For example, a smart home thermostat allows you to automatically change the temperature based on the time of day, which means you can use less energy to heat or cool your house when you’re sleeping or out at work.

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Smart Home Monitoring includes:

  • Appliance and Lighting Controls
  • Digital Door Locks
  • Energy Management Controls
  • Motion and Lighting Sensors
  • Programmable Alerts and Devices
  • Video Surveillance Cameras and Equipment
  • And More

Smart Business Monitoring

Smart business monitoring can help your business stay connected with remote access and programmable alerts, allowing you to protect your business, employees and assets.

Smart Business Monitoring includes:

  • Video Storage
  • Thermostat Controls
  • Smart Energy Meters
  • Locks
  • Air Conditioning Monitoring
  • Motion Detection
  • Water Leaks and Freezing Notifications
  • Refrigeration Temperature Controls
  • Security and Alarm Monitoring

Smart Farm Monitoring

Smart farm monitoring can provide your farm the tools you need to monitor all aspects of your operation at anytime and from anywhere.

Smart farm monitoring can also deliver value through inventory management, sensor monitoring, and automated controls for livestock facilities, access control and surveillance.

Smart Farm Monitoring includes:

  • Bin Master SmartBob solutions for grain, silo, feed management
  • Livestock environment monitoring
  • Security, video surveillance live remote and archived viewing
  • Smart locks, access controls
  • Energy Management
  • GPS Tracking
  • And More…