Programming Your Remote

If your new digital TV does not respond to the your remote control after trying all of the codes listed for your TV’s brand, or if your brand is not listed at all, you can try searching for the remote control code automatically.

  1. Turn on your TV with the TV’s power button.
  2. On the remote control, press TV once; it will blink once. Then press and hold SETUP until the TV key blinks twice.
  3. Type 9 9 1. The TV key will blink twice.
  4. Aim the remote control at the TV and press POWER once.
  5. Press and release the CH+ key continuously, then stop when the TV turns off. NOTE: In the search mode, the remote control will send IR codes from its library to the selected device, starting with the most popular code first.
  6. Press POWER. The TV should turn on, then press SETUP once to lock in the code. The LED will blink twice to indicate that the code is saved. NOTE: If the TV does not turn on during step 6, then slowly press and release CH- to go back through the codes, then press SETUP when the TV turns on.
  7. To search for the codes of your other devices, repeat steps 1 through 6, but substitute the appropriate key (e.g., VCR, DVD, AUD, or STB) for the device you are searching for.
DTV Remote Control