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Explanation of Mandatory Fees and Charges

Police and Fire Protection

Police and Fire Protection – The fee will be applied to all communications service connections with an assigned telephone number. Amounts collected from these fees will be remitted to the state and ultimately be distributed back to local units of government under the county and municipal aid program to support continued funding of police and fire protection services. This fee is mandated by law.

FCC Line Charge

The FCC Line Charge is a charge you pay to West Wisconsin Telcom Co-op that connects you to the telephone network. Local telephone companies recover some of the costs of telephone lines connected to your home or business through this monthly charge on your local telephone bill.

State Universal Service Charge

The rate reflects the recovery of what we are assessed by the TEACH, UW-System, BadgerLink and PSCW Universal Service Fund programs as determined by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.

Access Recovery Charge

The Access Recovery Charge (ARC) enables 24-7 & West Wisconsin Telcom to recover from end-user customers a limited portion of revenues lost due to FCC mandated reductions in interexchange carrier payments.

Federal Universal Service Charge

Helps recover charges imposed on us by the government to support universal service. These charges usually appear as a percentage of the consumer’s phone bill. These fees are subject to change.

Interstate Access Charge

The Interstate Access Charge is an amount required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to keep rates charged by long-distance companies lower than they otherwise would be. 

911 Charge

The 911 Emergency Service Fee is a fee to cover the costs of local jurisdictions providing 911 emergency response services to its citizens. The fee is generally either an amount per telephone access line or a percentage of revenue. State law mandates the fee.

Off-Air Broadcaster Fee

The Broadcast TV Surcharge is a pass-through reflecting charges assessed to Celect Communications, LLC by the owners of local broadcast, or local “network-affiliated,” TV stations.   TV channels – Eau Claire market area: WEAU, WKBT, WQOW, and WEUX and Twin Cities area: WCCO, KMSP, KARE, KSTC, and WUCW.

Subscriber Line Charge

This is a charge that helps pay for the cost of the lines from your home or business to the central office.

Franchise Fee

A cable television franchise fee is a fee charged by a local government to a private cable television company as compensation for using public property it owns as right-of-way for its cable. This fee is collected from each customer and returned to the local government for this use.