Hello Neighbor!

Please share your story and help us to bring our all fiber network to your neighborhood. We are working with your Town Board and sharing your story will help us as we apply for more Broadband Grants. Let’s get your neighborhood connected with fiber optics. Connections matter. Always.

Thank you.

Limitless Entertainment. Fiber Fast Everything!

  • Nobody shares your bandwidth.
  • Say goodbye to buffering.
  • Stream instantly and use all your devices at the same time.

Fiber To The Home FTTH

My current Internet provider is:
My current Internet speed is:
You can run a speed  test here: http://speedtest.wwt.net/

Do you or a family member use the Internet for:
(Check all that apply)
Virtual Schooling
Work from Home
Streaming Video
Smart Home Device
Online Gaming

Your story: In your own words, please share with us how broadband will impact you, your family, your business, etc.

  • If you own a business, would broadband allow you to expand your business or hire more employees?
  • Would broadband allow you to start a new business?
  • Would you use broadband for Telehealth services?
  • Would you use broadband for students to learn remotely/virtually?
  • Are you having trouble selling your home, or have you not purchased a home in a specific area because of a lack of broadband?