Ten “Windows 10” Tips & Tricks

As the older versions of Microsoft’s Windows have started to phase out, more and more people are switching over to Windows 10.

Here are 10 tips and tricks to make your transition easier for Windows 10!

  1. Not sure where to find a document or an app? Try searching from the start menu. Click on the Start menu button and start typing the name of the app, file, or folder you want.
  2. Resize the start menu by clicking and dragging the top or sides of the start menu to customize to how you want it.
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Reasons to Keep Your Landline Phone

There’s lots of reasons to keep your landline phone service, here’s just a few!

  • Not all cellphone providers’ work in all locations. It’s very possible to be living in a “cellular dead zone” even in today’s highly mobile world.
  • Seconds count in an emergency situation. While the 911 system has vastly improved it still takes time for them to triangulate calls from cell phones. If you living in a multi-dwelling building Emergency services may have trouble determining your exact location.
  • It’s much easier in an emergency situation to find a phone if it’s always in the same spot. Cellphones roam around the house or end up at the bottom of a purse and can be hard to locate.
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What is Caller ID Spoofing?

Traditionally, one of the best ways to avoid phone scams has been to not answer calls from numbers that you do not recognize. However, scammers have started to find a sneaky way around this, spoofing Caller ID.

With Caller ID spoofing, they are able to make it appear as if their calls are coming from a local phone number. They try to hide behind an actual phone number, in order to increase their chances that someone will pick up the phone.

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