Safer Online Shopping

As the holidays approach there’s an increase in online shopping, whether it’s to avoid the larger crowds, stay out of the cold, or simply because you want to shop online this time of year increases. Unfortunately, thieves know this as well. Here’s the dos and don’ts for staying safe on your virtual shopping trip.


  1. Whenever possible, use strong, unique passwords. Account security starts with using a strong password which typically is 8 or more characters with a mix of upper case, lower case, and numbers in it.
  2. Password protect home WiFi; securing home networks is important as it keeps others from easily gaining unauthorized access to the network.
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What is “ReStart TV”?

Ever turn the TV on only to find that there’s an interesting show on, and you’ve missed the first half of it? That’s where Restart TV comes in!

Restart TV lets you restart a TV program that’s currently in progress. You can also rewind, pause or fast forward through the show once it’s been restarted. One of the great parts, this is included in your TV package!

Press the guide button on your remote to see all of the programs that are waiting for you!

Check out the video below for more instructions on how to use this great new feature!

Partnering with the Packers and Local Police

Looking for a new set of Green Bay Packers Trading Cards? Then look no further! Several Local Law Enforcement agencies in combination with 24-7 Telcom & West Wisconsin Telcom have new sets to give away!

This set includes pictures of 20 different Packer players and Coach McCarthy. On the flip side of the card are crime prevention tips that have been provided by students at Zion Lutheran School in Rhinelander Wisconsin.

The football card program was designed to make it fun and easier for young people to get to know the local law enforcement. The program may have been intended for school children but the cards are great for Packers fans of all ages.

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