Let’s Connect to the Dunn County Historical Society

The Dunn County Historical Society was organized in 1950. The first location was a former church on Wilson Street. In the late 1990s, thanks to a generous donation from Russell Rassbach,

it moved to the current location in Wakanda Park. It has since expanded into a campus with four buildings: the Rassbach Heritage Museum, Hilkrest School, the Mabel Tainter playhouse, and the Fulton and Edna Holtby Museum.

The Fulton and Edna Holtby Museum just opened this past November and teaches kids of all ages about inventions and technology.

The Rassbach Heritage Museum is open all year, Tuesday through Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. The Rassbach Heritage Museum tells the story of Dunn County history from the Native American mound builders, through the fur trade to the more recent history of the Dunn County Asylum and of rural electrification.

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Investing in the Future

West Wisconsin Telcom has provided communications services to rural Wisconsin since 1954. We are continually striving to provide quality service and community leadership to all the fiber optic communities we serve.

With a commitment to education and rural America’s youth, 24-7 & West Wisconsin Telcom proudly provides a variety of scholarship opportunities to graduating high school seniors of active customers. This year we are able to offer $7,000 in scholarships to 14 local students who will be selected in a random drawing at the West Wisconsin Telcom 2018 Annual Meeting on April 7. Because we are a member of the Foundation for Rural Service (FRS), additional scholarship opportunities are also available.

We highly encourage all eligible graduates to apply. Complete scholarship information and applications are available on our website at: wwt.net/scholarship