The Perks of Telecommuting on Fiber

Whether telecommuting or owning a home business, working from home definitely has its perks.

Benefits such as fewer interruptions, a more balanced lifestyle and less commuting are just a few of the advantages people who work from home enjoy.

Here are just a few reasons why fiber optic Internet connectivity can make working from home more productive and enjoyable.

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Stream On!

Regardless of location, more than half of U.S. homes use some form of streaming for never-ending entertainment options. A streaming device is a gadget, such as ROKU or Apple TV, which uses the Internet and allows you to connect and watch video content online.

While traditional TV services are still crucial, at the touch of a button, streaming devices offer limitless entertainment. With a streaming device, such as ROKU or Apple TV, you’ll be able to watch content when you want to. Streaming devices are simple to set up and require little to no technical knowledge.

We have both ROKU and APPLE TV in our offices, so stop in anytime for a personal one-on-one demonstration on how to get started streaming.