About Cooperatives

By becoming a member, you also become part owner, not only sharing in the profits of the organization, but also having a voice in the direction of the company. As a member, your stake in the company is directly proportional to the amount of services you use. Therefore, the more you spend, the more you earn!

Cooperatives are businesses that:

  • Are owned and democratically controlled by their members-the people who use the co-op’s services or buy its goods-not by investors.
  • Return surplus revenues (income over expenses and investment) to members proportionate to their use of the cooperative, not proportionate to their ownership share. This is known as Capital Credits.
  • Are motivated by service to their members, not by profit.

Cooperative Facts

  • Cooperatives have been changing the face of doing business for over 150 years.
  • Over 100 million people are members of more than 48,000 cooperatives in the United States today.
  • Cooperatives are partners in our community, investing in economic development and human involvement that will keep our hometowns and rural areas alive and well in years ahead

West Wisconsin Telcom

West Wisconsin Telcom

As a locally owned and operated telecommunication cooperative, West Wisconsin Telcom has been on the cutting edge of technology serving you and your neighbors since 1954. Our goal is to keep you in touch, logged on, entertained and communicating without complications.

We are proud to make our communities the most advanced telecommunication systems in Wisconsin. We are committed to providing the most advanced products & services as well as the best customer care possible. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals are also members of your community and take pride in serving you.

West Wisconsin Telcom Cooperative serves portions of Chippewa, Dunn, Eau Claire, Pepin, Pierce, and St.Croix Counties of Northwest Wisconsin. We have 3 stores located in Downsville, Menomonie, and Eau Claire to help our customers with communication needs and new technologies as they arise.

Local Calling Area

24-7 Telcom

West Wisconsin Telcom Cooperative formed the subsidiary, West Wisconsin Communication Systems, Inc. in 1988. In 1999, West Wisconsin Communication Systems, Inc. was renamed to 24-7 Telcom, Inc. and 24-7 Telcom started to offer Local Voice service to customers in Menomonie.

24-7 Telcom provides voice, Internet and digital TV in Menomonie Wisconsin.

24-7 Telcom

Mission Statement

We are Committed.

To actively serving the community with the highest quality telecommunication services. To knowing our customers and understanding their specific needs. To honoring and rewarding those who help us accomplish our mission. The World. All the Time.

Phone: 715-231-2000

Email: info@24-7telcom.com

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Local Calling Area