Let’s Connect – Housing Authority of the City of Menomonie

The Housing Authority of the City of Menomonie was formed in 1948, when Quonset barracks buildings were moved from the Badger Ordinance Plant in Baraboo, Wisconsin and became their first housing units. These 2-bedroom structures were used to provide family housing for returning veterans after World War II. Currently, they manage a total of 149 income-based housing units with an office staff of two and a maintenance staff of two.

The Housing Authority of the City of Menomonie has recently enhanced its security camera system and upgraded to HD cameras. The Fiber Optic Internet they receive from 24-7 & West Wisconsin Telcom allows office staff to remotely monitor all the HD security cameras at their elderly & disabled apartment buildings, creating an extra level of security for those tenants.

24-7 & West Wisconsin Telcom has also installed Fiber Optic service in three housing units, giving tenants in those units a great choice for their Internet, TV and phone service. With Fiber Optic Internet speeds starting at 75MB per second, 24-7 & West Wisconsin Telcom consistently delivers fast, reliable top-notch service.