Let’s Connect to Eau Galle Apiaries

In 1942, Walter and Ethel Smith moved to Eau Galle, Wisconsin and purchased 300 hives of bees. Along with the bees, they also had maple rich property in Arkansaw that they were able to tap and boil sap in a sugar house to make maple syrup. Walter and Ethel’s son, John, grew up working with these bees and tapping the trees for maple syrup.

As time went by, John and his wife, Shirley, eventually took over the family business and in 1980 moved the maple syrup operation to their home property in Eau Galle, expanding to over 1000 hives of bees.

The family business became Eau Galle Apiaries, LLC in 2014. At that time, John & Shirley’s daughter, Laura, and her husband Dan Berger, joined them in processing the honey and maple syrup. Now all of the honey extracting and sap boiling is done on the Smith family property. The family also operates a retail store on site where their products may be purchased.

John is on the Board of Directors of the Sioux Honey Association and has found that their Fiber Optic Internet provides a seamless process for communicating with them and other industry organizations. The Fiber Optic Internet from West Wisconsin Telcom also makes it easy for Eau Galle Apiaries to quickly find and order supplies online that they need for their honey and maple syrup.