Let’s Connect to the Dunn County Historical Society

The Dunn County Historical Society was organized in 1950. The first location was a former church on Wilson Street. In the late 1990s, thanks to a generous donation from Russell Rassbach,

it moved to the current location in Wakanda Park. It has since expanded into a campus with four buildings: the Rassbach Heritage Museum, Hilkrest School, the Mabel Tainter playhouse, and the Fulton and Edna Holtby Museum.

The Fulton and Edna Holtby Museum just opened this past November and teaches kids of all ages about inventions and technology.

The Rassbach Heritage Museum is open all year, Tuesday through Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. The Rassbach Heritage Museum tells the story of Dunn County history from the Native American mound builders, through the fur trade to the more recent history of the Dunn County Asylum and of rural electrification.

The Society also offers an active program series, which varies from year to year but might take on anything from the legend of Big Foot to the War of 1812. The Society holds several events each year: a winter Snow Ball dance, an old-fashioned Fourth of July, and a fall Barley Moon fundraiser.

Maybe most importantly, the Society brings some 1,200 school children to the museum campus — the majority of them from Dunn County — to learn about our area’s history. The society has a full-time director, four part-time staff, and three support staff. We have relied on the fiber optic Internet from 24-7 & West Wisconsin Telcom to bring online content to classes, including streaming video. We take advantage of our Internet connection often, such as when we need to upload large mural sized images. In our day-today operations, like all businesses, we’ve come to rely on a reliable and fast network. Our connection is blazing fast, and never down.