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Cady Cheese

Cady Cheese has been making cheese in Wilson, Wisconsin since 1908. Currently, they have 65 employees and are part of the Burnett Dairy Cooperative of Grantsburg, Wisconsin which has an additional 300 employees.

Cady Cheese is best known for its Colby Longhorn Cheese.  All of Cady’s cheese is produced in the longhorn style which is either a 6” or 4” deli horn and they have a wide variety of flavored cheeses available for purchase in their retail store.

Reliable fiber optic services have greatly helped Cady Cheese successfully serve their customers all over the United States. Orders are received through their online ordering system, allowing them to quickly fill orders and send cheese to their customers.

Fiber optic Internet has also allowed Cady Cheese to focus on building their ecommerce business by investing in their website and improving their online sales abilities. Without a strong fiber optic network, Cady Cheese would not be able to complete these improvements.

To learn more about Cady Cheese, visit their website: www.cadycheese.com