Let’s Connect to 503 Broadway

503 Broadway opened in 2015 boasting the best downtown living Menomonie has to offer.

Situated within walking distance to the UW-Stout campus as well as various bars, restaurants, and shops, 503 Broadway is the perfect complement to an active lifestyle. 503 Broadway also offers high visibility retail space in the heart of downtown Menomonie.

Ryan Erickson, Leasing Specialist for 503 Broadway, said, “With a strong student population in the building, it is important to our residents to have fiber Internet that is reliable.” “In a small community like Menomonie, partnering with a local company that has the knowledge to take on a project like this and has strong ties to the community is important,” Erickson said. “In working with 24-7 & West Wisconsin Telcom, we found an extremely reliable, responsive, knowledgeable and friendly partner to help our property thrive and succeed now and in the future.”

Erickson also said, “Access to the latest Internet technology is crucial to 503 Broadway’s success. 24-7 & West Wisconsin Telcom provides the fiber Internet to 503 Broadway. They also installed the building’s Wi-Fi network and deliver video service to the building’s residents.” Are you looking for a new location in Menomonie? 503 Broadway could make the perfect home for yourself or your business.

Contact Commonweal Development at 715.832.8707 or by sending an e-mail to rerickson@commonwealdc.com. Contact them today to make downtown Menomonie your home!