Fiber is good for you…

Fiber is good for your home too!

Fiber Internet, TV and Voice services from 24-7 & West Wisconsin Telcom are delivered via a state-of-the-art fiber optic network. Being connected to this type of network can add more than $5,400 to your home’s value according to a 2015 article in Computer World magazine.=

As the article notes, that increase in value is the same as adding a new fireplace…without the construction mess! If you’re a homeowner, simply being a 24-7 & West Wisconsin Telcom fiber optic customer adds a boost to your family’s bottom line while providing blazing fast Internet.

Renters love fiber too!

If you own rental properties, fiber is also good for your investment’s bottom line. According to a study by the Fiber-to-the-Home Council, renters are willing to pay $80 more on a $1,000 monthly rent for a fiber connection. The study also found a fiber connection is a more important amenity than a pool, 24-hour security, covered parking or gym access.

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