What is Fiber?

Blue FiberFiber is a pure glass tube smaller than a human hair that is capable of transmitting large amounts of data at the speed of light, using pulses of light

Fiber is capable of transmitting entire videos in a matter of seconds while still having the ability to video chat and play games online. Fiber has the ability to carry more information at higher speeds then standard copper wires.

The unlimited capabilities of fiber optics will help future proof your home or business. Fiber is able to transmit signal for longer distance than traditional copper cables, without affecting the quality of the signal. Fiber is also more weatherproof than copper as it doesn’t corrode.

 What can be done with fiber?

Fiber is very versatile – it can be used for Internet, TV, and Voice, including cellphones.

TV through fiber optic is clearer than ever. Since the TV signal is distributed through underground fiber optic cables, it’s no longer affected by weather. That means the channel you want to watch will be there when you need it, even when the storm is rolling in. In addition to more reliable service, High Definition TV programming is clearer and brighter than ever!

Internet speeds are faster than ever before and only fiber optics can keep up with the growing demand. Not only has the need for faster internet speeds been consistently increasing but so has the need for greater bandwidth due to an ever increasing supply of wirelessly connected devices.

What is Fiber to the home?

Fiber to the home or FTTH is just that; a fiber connecting your home to the network. For an added bonus you’re not sharing your bandwidth with anyone else in the neighborhood! Having your own bandwidth might not seem important until you run into buffering, the video quality of the Netflix movie drops, or it takes forever to look something up. Buffering is caused by a slowdown in some point in the network.

With FTTH, speeds to your home don’t change based on the neighbor’s data usage. No longer worry about your speeds slowing down because of a neighbor watching 4K movies or playing video games.