Ten “Windows 10” Tips & Tricks

As the older versions of Microsoft’s Windows have started to phase out, more and more people are switching over to Windows 10.

Here are 10 tips and tricks to make your transition easier for Windows 10!

  1. Not sure where to find a document or an app? Try searching from the start menu. Click on the Start menu button and start typing the name of the app, file, or folder you want.
  2. Resize the start menu by clicking and dragging the top or sides of the start menu to customize to how you want it.
  3. Removing pinned applications, right click and then select “Unpin from Start”.
  4. Add pinned applications by finding them in the menu, right clicking and selecting “Pin to Start”.
  5. Edit Group Names by clicking on the name and changing it to what you want.
  6. Resize pinned apps by right clicking and choosing resize. Not all app pins can be resized.
  7. Turn off the Live Tile by right clicking and choosing “Turn live tile off”.
  8. Snapping windows to the right or left of the screen quickly and easily. Press and hold the Windows button and tap the left or right arrow. This will put the open window on the left or right side of your screen depending on which arrow you pressed. This makes it easy to have two documents up at the same time.
  9. Minimize all the apps at once by grabbing the top of the window you want open and shake it around. This will close all the other open windows. Want to reopen them, just shake the open window a second time!
  10. Easily see what windows you have open by pressing Alt + Tab.