Let’s Connect to Menomonie Market Food Coop

The Menomonie Market Food Co-op is a community-owned grocery cooperative in Menomonie. In August 2015 they completed a $5 million expansion project. Their brand new building, on the corner of Ninth and Main Street, effectively quadrupled their space and allowed them to double their staff.

Menomonie MarkSophia stocking appleset Food Co-op offers a unique salad bar and deli hot bar 7 days a week with many gluten free and Vegan options. Other amenities include public access Wi-Fi (powered by Fiber Optic Internet from 24-7 Telcom®) and various community education, out
reach programs and events.

24-7 & West Wisconsin Telcom provides the fiber optic broadband connection to the store. Crystal Halvorson, General Manager, says “We rely on 24-7 & West Wisconsin Telcom. At any given moment we’ll have staff using the Internet and customers surfing on the public Wi-Fi, plus the Internet powers and backs up our sales system. Our store operations would grind to a halt without a fast Internet connection.”

To learn more about Menomonie Market Food Co-op visit www.mmfc.coop