upgrade internet speed

How to Upgrade Your Internet Speed

upgrade internet speed

We all know the dreadful, anxiety-inducing feeling of staring at your screen while the loading icon taunts you with its endless spinning. So, if that’s ever made you feel like chucking your computer out the window, you’re not alone.

In today’s digital age, you can’t afford to have an internet connection that’s slower than your Grandma on a Sunday stroll. But fortunately, there are several easy ways to upgrade internet speed.

Before we tell you how to maximize internet speed, let’s talk about why a quicker connection is an essential part of modern-day life.

Why you need a fast internet connection

With more and more aspects of our daily lives moving online, a slow and unreliable internet connection can be a significant obstacle to work, study, and entertainment. From streaming your favorite HBO shows to online gaming, Zoom conferencing, and remote work– everything we do online requires a speedy internet connection. 

Additionally, many emerging technologies that will soon become the norm, like virtual and augmented reality, smart home devices, and cloud computing, demand high internet speeds. Thus, an internet connection that’s lacking speed will prevent you from leveraging these innovative tools. 

A slow internet speed can also cause lag, buffering, and delays. These issues can stop you from completing even the most basic online tasks like checking your inbox or loading a web page.

So, let’s go over a few tips and tricks you can do to upgrade your internet speed.

Move your router to a better spot

Start by moving your router if you want to know how to speed up your internet for free. So, dig it out of the closet or cupboard it’s hiding in and place it in a central location relative to where all your internet-hungry devices are. You should also aim to place it in a spot where your devices will have the most direct line of sight to it. This is an effective and easy way to upgrade internet speed. 

Once your router’s in a more centralized location, you won’t have to wait three minutes for a YouTube video to load. This is because your wireless signals won’t have to fight through roadblocks to get to your router.

Give your router a reboot

If moving your router doesn’t do the trick, restart it by switching it off for at least 30 seconds and then switching it back on. If your WiFi is constantly at work, rebooting your router can help it regain its capacity to support your connection. Thus, it’s always worth a shot to try a quick reboot when you need to upgrade internet speed.

Make sure your router’s up-to-date

Alright, so moving your router and rebooting it isn’t working; and you find yourself back at the drawing board Googling, “How to speed up WiFi.” This is the point where you might need to update your router’s firmware. Now, if your router is provided by your ISP, it’s likely that it updates it for you automatically. But, if you purchased a separate router, you should check if it needs to be updated.

Upgrade internet speed with WiFi extenders

If your router isn’t able to hold a stable signal throughout your home network, you may need another kind of device to increase internet speed. This is where WiFi extenders come into play. They’re great internet speed boosters that bring your devices closer to your router’s signal.

These extenders work by first connecting to your router’s wireless signal and then copying and repeating that signal to expand your wireless network. Thus, WiFi extenders are also great for eliminating weak spots and dead zones.

internet optimizations

Unplug the devices you’re not using

When you have multiple devices connected to your router and not a lot of bandwidth, it puts a lot of stress on your internet connection. So, to upgrade internet speed, disconnect the devices that you’re not currently using. This will free up your bandwidth which will enable data to travel faster.

Change your password to upgrade internet speed

Changing your WiFi password is another easy way to purge your unused devices. To increase internet speed, change your password so that all of the devices you’re not using get automatically disconnected.

Get down with ethernet

We get it– everything’s wireless these days, so using wires for technology isn’t “cool” anymore. But plugging in a good old-fashioned ethernet cord almost always does the trick. And, since when has lightning-fast internet not been cool?

Using an Ethernet connection is virtually bulletproof for improving internet speed. This is because when an electrical wire transfers data (Ethernet) rather than radio waves (WiFi), your device can send and receive information without having to transmit it over wireless signals. 

Think of it this way– an Ethernet cord protects your internet connection from any road bumps like crosstalk, interference, and physical objects. Conversely, these are all obstacles that WiFi has to combat every time it carries data from one device to another.

Change the channel

When you have neighbors with routers that use the same WiFi channel, everything can get crowded pretty quickly. So, to upgrade internet speed, change the channel to a different frequency. This will let your wireless signal steer clear of interference and cross-talk.

You can change the channel your router’s set to by logging into the settings.

How to increase internet speed in router settings

Log into your ISP portal and go into “Settings” to change the channel your wireless router is working on. Switching to whichever channel is experiencing less interference at that time– whether that’s the 2.4 GHz or the 5 GHz– can give you a better connection.

Take advantage of ad blockers

Most people don’t think of this when looking for internet optimizations, but browsing in a privacy-focused mode or turning on an ad-blocking feature can work wonders for speeding up your connection. Why? Because the pop-up ads you see while browsing are megabyte-hungry and eat up bandwidth. Eliminating them frees up space for your internet to roam free (pun intended).

Quit unused apps

Wondering how to boost your WiFi speed specifically on your laptop? This isn’t an uncommon issue. Sometimes, all the devices in your home network will be working fine while your laptop takes forever to play a video your friend emailed you.

If you find yourself in this scenario, it could be that unnecessary updates or programs are running in the background. These could be the culprits of your sluggish connection since they hog your bandwidth. So, quit unused applications and stop any programs running in the background to speed up your connection.

Upgrade internet speed with Fiber

It’s no secret that our lives depend on a near-instant connection to the world around us. Thus, if you’ve tried all the above tips and your internet is still moving like a turtle, it could be time to upgrade to a Fiber connection. Slow and steady don’t win the race when it comes to the internet.

When you upgrade to the future-proof internet that’s as fast as the speed of light, you won’t have to deal with frustrating obstacles while you’re streaming movies or working from home.

The bottom line

In the digital era we live in today, a fast and reliable internet connection isn’t a luxury– it’s a necessity. That’s why there’s no doubt that a speedy internet connection can make your life easier and more enjoyable. After all, living without fast internet in 2023 when the whole world has gone virtual just isn’t feasible.

So, whether you’re a casual internet browser or a heavy data consumer, these tips to upgrade internet speed can help to optimize your internet connection. Try them out so you can watch your shows, video chat, and get work done with the support of a smooth online experience.


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