Internet Safety Basics

There’s been progressively more talk over the last few years about Cyber Security and protecting yourself online, and for good reason. More and more is being done online every day, from online shopping, online banking, to simply watching movies almost nothing is out of reach.

General Security

  • Don’t reuse passwords. There is always the potential for a password leak, and if you use the same password for every account it’s much easier for hackers to get into your accounts.
  • Use secure passwords. Secure passwords contain letters, numbers, and often times special characters. Avoid using passwords such as, “12345678”, “password”, “qwerty”, “letmein”, and “admin”.
  • Change your passwords often.
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What is the cloud?

More and more we hear people talking about the cloud and all the things it can do. People talk that their data is in the cloud. Their music, videos, and photos are in the cloud. Their important documents and now people are even working from it. It doesn’t seem to be weather dependent; so, what exactly is the “cloud”?

The cloud is an internet based storage system. Think of it as an external hard drive that you don’t have to worry about. You can access your data from everywhere, and it’ll be easy to transfer when you update devices. outsidecomputer

As far as where your data is physically stored, it is in a secure place often times called a data farm. These are locations that consist of thousands of servers. All storing and making sure that your data is both safe and accessible to you. Most of these farms will have a secondary location set up in case of a natural disaster.

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